Friday, April 27, 2007

Quiz Whiz

Well one of my geniuses forgot his pencil this morning as well as paper and notes. So he got to use a crayon to take the quiz that he didn't study for.

Apparantly the function of the nervous system is to tickle your armpits (this is from a 7th grader). And the parts of the respiratory system are the heart and the stomach. These are actual answers scribbled on a sheet of copier paper to only 2 of the 14 questions on today's quiz.

I HAVE NEVER HAD SUCH A STRUGGLE TO GET A QUIZ DONE WITHOUT TALKING IN MY LIFE! And yes I meant to shout it. It is all I can do to keep from shouting it at these children. They have no interest in work , or even trying to learn anything. I am amazed at the group I have this year. And I am not the only one to have commented on it. Their teachers from last year and this year have all commented on the apathy of this particular group of students.

Well the year is almost over, and I am trying to make the best of it by not assaulting anyone's child physically or verbally although the thought to curse at them has crossed my mind increasingly since winter break. I feel like I have brain turrett's syndrome because I keep thinking random curse words in their general direction. Mostly "What the HE** are you thinking?" and "What the *&%@ is your problem!!!!???" and the occasional "OH MY BLEEPING GOD!"

I dread the year that my son enters 7th grade, because from speaking to their parents they were all straight A students and perfectly behaved angels until they entered middle school. Apparantly we dose them on the first day with the vilest poison known to man (hormones) and turn them into raving lunatics for the remainder of the year interested in only one thing . . . GOOFING OFF!

It amazes me that this is the future. I wonder what will happen to us in 20 years when these are the people in charge of the world. Those of us who are now responsible adults are just going to have to live forever because, these will be adults who will be glued to the XBOX too long to go out and earn a living or run a country. Perhaps the president of the United States and the Prime Minister will have to play Call of Duty 1045 on the XBOX 360 squared live. That is the future of war anyway. The US Army is recruiting gamers online using a computer game to simulate real war, because the war in Iraq is apparantly just like a video game.

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