Friday, April 20, 2007

Shout Out

I just found the most hilarious post on Here is a link:

It just sounded to me like the math class next door was going to come stampeding through my wall for the umpteenth time this week, and it got me to thinking about classroom management. While I agree that it is very necessary for a teacher to have some essential classroom management skills, those skills would in no way prevent some of the insane things my kids have decided to do during the past few years. And I was wondering what kind of control I really have over them. I can impose some completely useless consequences such as detention, but in the long run these things never really matter to the kids. I can call home, but many of my parents do "nothing" to their kids for misbehavior (as they so often love to tell me the next day at school).

So I guess my 6th period class keeps muttering "cheeseburger" under their breath because I allow them to do it. And my favorite student from first keeps asking me can he move, every five minutes whether I've said yes or no to the last 800 requests. Not to mention the student I found sitting on top of a four foot tall cabinet across the hall last week

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